Exercise 3: Turning Research into Writing

The purpose of this set of exercises is to develop your powers of observation and memory so that your writing will contain vivid and authentic details.

Exercise 3: Turning research into writing

The purpose of this activity is to give you practice in carrying out research (interviewing a friend or relative about their workplace) and in creating a strong setting for your character and story.

Ask a relative or friend to describe his or her workplace to you, including any machines, special furniture or equipment used. Incorporate some of the details into a scene in which a character is tired of the same job and longs to leave it. Don’t overload your piece with what you have learned – use just enough to give an authentic atmosphere: for example, the look of the post office sorting room at 4 am; the sounds of ailing rodents and Rottweilers in the vet’s waiting room. Use up to 500 words.


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