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Creative Writing Degree Prep

It seems like such a long time since I registered for my Open University degree (and it was – January 2014) and so far all I’ve done is an introduction to Humanities module …


… and my beginners French module …


… but this October – finally – I am starting the Creative Writing element of my degree with  – and if that wasn’t reason enough to get all excited, I received an email with a link to some “bridging materials”. These consist of a couple of podcasts and three exercises to try out before it all kicks off…


I say that anything that starts to get my creative juices flowing for whatever reason can only be a good thing!



Quite Happy


Courtesy of

There are a few reasons that I’m quite happy. One of them is that I have discovered that you can include animated gifs in posts (and by “discovered” I mean that I’ve been trawling the spiffy Support pages looking at things and going “wow” a lot in my head). 

Why else am I happy?

Today I received my certification from an online course that I took late last year in Dinosaur Palaeobiology, courtesy of the guys at Coursera and the University of Alberta. (I told you I was a frustrated palaeontologist!)

So happy that I signed up for another course. This time Human Evolution:Past and Future.

Third, I have registered for an Open University undergraduate degree. BA (Honours) Humanities: Creative Writing and French. First module kicks off at the beginning of February. I’ve only been on about doing something like this for about … three years. So go me.

We’re going on holiday at the end of next week to visit my parents in France. Its the first time my husband has come with me in about two years. A  bit bittersweet as the reason he hadn’t been able to visit before was due to our dog and her … condition.

I ate onion rings whilst watching Silent Witness earlier. (If you have no idea what Silent Witness is then that’s okay.)

Although none of this possibly makes me happier than Diana Ross up there.