TAC: Plots and Timelines

The last assignment for the challenge came from my own head (following discussion) and consisted of three parts. (You can read the full assignment details here – and Jamie’s take on this one on his blog.)

  1. Finish plot outlines.
  2. Create combined timelines.
  3. Continue story with 5 pages.

During – or perhaps it was right at the beginning – of this assignment Jamie and I agreed that our stories, already existing in the same universe and featuring a character from the other story, would become part of one whole. Not too much of a stretch. But then … oh, then … that idea combined with the ‘Scene Unseen‘ assignment and something more was born …

My original story was that of the relationship between the two men – but told from the POV of just one of them. The other – the ‘straight’ colleague who finds himself in a relationship with another guy – was only going to be seen in the form of his reactions. You’ll have noticed the past tense in that sentence: was.

Aaaaand that’s all the hint I’m giving you.

Which is quite a big hint, to be fair.

Luckily, I did complete the second part, and the third part made it to four pages. The first part? Not so much. I think I know where the two of them are heading. I have something I want to throw into the mix … which I’m not even talking about … but I need to sit down and scribble it all out.

On paper.

With a pencil.

Whilst I’m not quite at the slash your wrists and bleed onto the page part quite yet, but this is turning out to be something bigger than either of us imagined …

At least there isn’t a map involved.


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