Blogging 201: Day 14 – Events

Before I start on the final assignment, I should like to point out that Day 12 is here and Day 13 didn’t get a look in as it was about advertising, and I’m not in a position to pay for that kind of thing. So … Day 14:

Create a recurring blogging event on your site, and/or make plans to attend a blogging conference.

Now, I’ve taken part in a few blogging challenges in my time, and am currently a member of Foodie Penpals, so there’s nothing new there for me. I have often thought of running some kind of event – either literary or genealogical in nature – and then I realised that I’ve done this before.

I was a member of deviantArt for many years, which was great fun for a while but then wasn’t so much any more, but whilst I was there and it was fun I ran something called The 12 x 12 Challenge (at least one person reading this should be chuckling to himself right now) so perhaps that can be picked up and dusted off at some point this year.

I also love the idea of having some kind of Wiltshire Bloggers Conference. But I’ll need to have a think about that. A quick Google has shown that there are no events like that in any of the directories I’ve seen, and it’d take a bit of organising and marketing but possibly do-able …


Just continuing my use of Futurama-based meme type things



  1. If it is any consolation I’m not paying for advertising either….. Having paid for magazine ads in the past and had hardly any response we decided to cancel everything. We haven’t seen a difference. I think that says it all. I think it’s only the Advertising Agencies that think it does any good 😉


    1. Very much so! I think if I was a “proper author” and had something specific that I wanted/needed to get out there then I would at the very least consider it (or educate myself about it) … but as its just little me then no chance! 😉 (And thanks for the follows!)


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