Blogging 201: Day 10 – Support Your Community

One thing I love about the Blogging U challenges is their focus on looking outward instead of inward, on being part of a community of bloggers. In all honesty, I find this a bit challenging, so I’m glad I have them kicking me up the butt!

Invest in your community by leaving five comments, adding (or updating) a blogroll, and introducing a comment policy.

Commenting – check.

I don’t feel as though I need a comment policy on any of my blogs so there we are.

I did add a blogroll of sorts to my garden blog, and also updated my blogroll here to with the addition of a couple more blogs as opposed to just links to sites I love!

The first is Confessions Of A Writer. I have to confess that I’ve known Jamie for many years now and am currently undertaking a writing challenge with him! But despite that he’s a wonderful writer and a credit to whatever community he takes part in.

The second is Root To Tip. Another confession: I have also known Alex for many years. This blog links to the research service that Alex and I provide, but the blog is Alex’s baby through and through and it shows how family history is not just names and dates and quantity.

The third I added was The Genealogy Girl – and I don’t know her! Amberly shares the ancestors she’s found on her genealogy journey and tips and tricks that she’s amassed during her 15 years of research.

I’m a bit behind with my Blogging 201, so Day 11 (i.e. today) will be coming later … probably!




  1. Thanks for the nice shout out! Alex mentions you fairly often so I’m happy to stop by and see your blog. Leslie Knope just happens to be one of my favorite fictional people so it looks like we have a few things in common. 😉


    1. Aha! Does she now?! Its all lies … apart from the good stuff. 😀

      And glad to hear it! Parks and Rec is right up there in my televisual viewing list! 😉


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