Blogging 201: Day Eight – Social Schedule

I have to say, after yesterday, I ummed and ahhed about even writing up today’s assignment:

Create a 30-day plan for how you’ll grow your presence (and your blog) on the social network you selected yesterday. If applicable, create a profile on the network just for your blog.

The main reason for this is that my main blog (i.e. this one that hopefully somebody other than me is reading) publishes to various different platforms and I’ve never expressly considered the need for a distinct ‘brand’ presence for this blog on them. Which may beg the question of why sign up for a ‘course’ on branding, traffic and growth – but we’ll ignore that for the time being!!

However, I recently decided to split the gardening aspect of this blog out into another one – and so created A Wiltshire Garden. As its so new, I thought I’d hit it up with a specific Facebook Page and connect the two. Very early days yet, but I’d appreciate any visits and Likes on both! No pressure …!

As for a 30 day plan on how I’ll grow the presence of AWG on Facebook … I think it’ll mainly be through sharing other Facebook posts of a similar theme, joining some Groups and cross-posting. I’d be happy if the Facebook page got 25 Likes in 3o days, but we’ll see! Is that a plan? More like a vague idea than a plan, but there we are!



  1. I’m interested to see how growing your presence on Facebook goes. Do you have it connected to your personal page?
    I’m more of committed to Twitter but I’m finding lots of people from 201 are pretty into extending their facebook presence. I’m just babbling now, i’ll stop. 🙂


    1. No – I publicize this blog onto my personal Facebook. My garden blog publishes on the new blog-specific page (if that makes sense!). I think people are more familiar with FB and find Twitter more complex. Or maybe that’s just me! Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you like … @HalfLoon (and babble away – its all good!!)


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