Blogging 201: Day Three – You’ve Got The Look

Today’s Blogging 201 task was about experimentation. Not with drugs or someone of the same (or different – whatever floats your boat) gender, but with blog (and brand) design.

Experiment with visual changes and see whether you can refine your brand further and add more dimension to your posts.

After close to an hour of fannying about with Themes, and with a distinctly unpleasant feeling in my stomach, I have changed my theme from Piano Black to Suits and jazzed up the colours a bit.

I’m also thinking about changing the name of the blog. Tragically I can’t change the URL, but I don’t know if The Flibberatic Skreebles says anything about me. Or at least not something that I would want to say to a stranger. A love of 1990s Jennifer Saunders is not exactly first sentence material. But I am running on empty when it comes to a replacement name.

I’m sure it’ll come if I mull over it enough … right?



  1. The new theme does make the text a bit easier to read I must say! As for name change, I do kind of like it as it is, but then that’s just the brain toobs speaking.


  2. Excellent choice. Like the subtle variations of tones.
    Will have to look up reference in title, but it’s a good blog name: creative, intriguing – will make people wonder and look to see what it’s it all about…and then it’s easy to remember so they will return


    1. Thank you very much! I can’t take credit for the theme 😉

      Well the name comes from a show called ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ – a one-season sitcom written by Jennifer Saunders.

      I suppose it is somewhat unique in that I’ve never come across another blog named anything near it (although I am quite liking yours!). Thanks – I hadn’t thought about it quite like that before.


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