Gardening Times

Whilst the spell of good weather continues, I thought I should take advantage of it, leave the laptop alone, and get outside for some gardening time. Seeing as though I had plants that needed sorting out, this was a marvellous idea. The sun was shining, nobody else was out and about (the joy of being unemployed – weekday gardening is relatively quiet) and I got to just … be.

2014-04-10 11.12.20


I’d be grateful if you’d ignore the dandelion flowering in the photo there (and the mass of celandines), but the anemones look pretty grand, as do the cowslips, sweet rocket and the heucheras (Palace Purple and Cherry Cola).

First up was what I refer to as the half-moon bed (or ‘the blue-and-white bed). I managed to get a bit of a before and after photo going on, but if you’re looking to ring the changes then you might have to squint.


2014-04-10 11.26.03


2014-04-10 14.55.59

In a nutshell:

  • One white foxglove moved backwards
  • Iris reticulata condensed to one area
  • Two lilies moved to the front
  • Cornflowers spread out – either side of the carnation
  • Ipheion uniflorum split into two clumps and planted (rear left of the bed)
  • (You can’t see it in these photos, but there was a rogue cowslip behind the foxgloves and this was moved to just outside the photo area to the right.)

I still have a large gap over on the left and I’m undecided on what to plant there. I’d like something perennial and something that’ll spread (ground cover to stop the cats pooping there over the winter/spring), but leave me room for some annual bits and pieces. I’d like an Eryngium, but I’m not sure that the aesthetic of the bed really suits such spikiness (although a thorny boon for cat protection).

After I’d taken the after photo, I also decided to put in the double snowdrops, next to the lavender, on the left.

2014-04-10 15.53.42

Turning my attention to the other bed/border – that really has no name. Generally its referred to as “the bit at the top where the geums are”. I managed to give it the second weeding of the year, add in two of the evening primroses and a little geranium. Unfortunately the Libertia ixioides didn’t survive the winter – I think it got too wet as they prefer well-drained soil. I also removed all the dead stalks and leaves from the older of the two geums (on the left of the photo). Looks better for it, and I hope it is sufficiently reinvigorated for another stunning flower display this year!

The thistle at the back will be moved elsewhere and replaced with something else … possibly cosmos, not entirely sure at present!

(And, yes, I should’ve cut the grass before taking the photo …)

2014-04-10 15.53.04

That was about it really … Tomorrow I have to plant the winter honeysuckle and get to grips with my most shameful part of the garden.

Still waiting for the tulips and the clematis to flower. Everything else continues as normal. Which is all one can hope for really, isn’t it?

2014-04-10 11.29.17



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