The Things You Miss

Its funny, the things you miss.

I have a walk around the garden, checking on progress and whatnot, almost every day (assuming that its not honking it down with rain). I did so yesterday.

Then, this morning, after I was hanging out the washing , I noticed something yellow out of the corner of my eye. Upon closer inspection I realised – with a slight shock – that they were on my (what I thought) flowering currant – Ribes sanguineum. It didn’t flower last year as it was a fairly small plant that my mother gave me, but it grew like the clappers and put on lots of leaf (actually, I forgot how small it was and how much it did actually grow!).

So when I saw these on it, I was a little mystified.

Until I realised it was obviously a Buffalo currant (or golden currant) – Ribes aureum. But what staggers me is not my mis-identification but that I hadn’t noticed any flowerbuds coming. Its like they spontaneously arrived overnight!

Then when I was looking at something else I noticed that there’s a clematis about to flower. I’m pretty sure its Clematis macropetala ’Bluebird’, but yet again these can’t have just appeared overnight. How could I have missed them??

Lastly in this catalogue of errors, I noticed that finally one group of my tulips have buds in. These are a mixture of White Dream and Queen of Night, and get much more sun than my other tulips (Alibi).

2014-04-01 11.04.56

Finally for today, some good news on the Jerusalem sage front! I first mentioned the cutting way back in one of my first gardening posts here, and how I hoped it would survive the winter. About a week or so I mentioned to my mum that I was somewhat concerned as it was looking decidedly … peaky. Luckily, she allayed my fears by saying that at this time of year its quite normal for last year’s growth to look somewhat sad, but that the new leaves would no doubt be healthy. And they do appear to be!

Phlomis fruticosa

Phlomis fruticosa


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