The confession of a writer

You remember a while ago (just over a month) I asked you to share some love with a friend of mine who had just started blogging? Well now I’m asking you again. An author friend (yes, he’s been published … ask him about it) has finally succumbed to my bullying and created a new blog: Confessions Of A Writer. COW (ha!) will be detailing his relationship with words, and undoubtedly some more besides.

So go show him some love, drop him a note, and tell him I sent you.

Confessions of a writer

The joy of writing, the curse of the creative mind – the bane of inventive.

No really, it’s a love hate thing.

I love to write, it’s a joy to put words together, it’s a… A need I guess, because all these ideas just seem to pop up in my mind, and the situations, ideas, worlds… Maybe it’s not a need, maybe it’s more of a compulsion, all those characters and different voices shouting to be heard – for their story to be told… Demanding… Begging…  Complaining (at times).

Ok, so maybe at times it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. At times it’s the hardest thing in the world to do, but you have to do it – because… Because the damn story is bugging you, the characters won’t go away – and the idea – the idea is burning in your mind. It’s all you…

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