List of Garden Plants

So I’ve finally done it.

For no reason other than my own …er … enjoyment, here it is:

List of all the plants in my garden

I also wanted to include a list of all the ‘weeds’ that grow in the garden, including the lawn. Whilst I do remove certain ‘weeds’ from the centre of my beds and borders, there are areas where I let them happily do their things – mostly for the wildlife reasons. Also, I don’t buy into ‘lawn culture’ – partly because we’re on heavy clay so waterlogging in the lawn is a major issue, and scarifying the crap out of it to remove the moss is only going to give me bare patches, not perfect greenery. Plus, who enjoys monoculture? Not me. And certainly not the countless insects that love the extra flowers.

So, yes. The list is about … 95% complete as at this moment. There are some plants where I know nothing more than the genus, and some where I know the species but not the specific cultivar name.

My thanks to my mum, the internet (or at least Google and Wikipedia), and The Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners’ Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers (the ultra-modern 1989 edition…)

Lamium purpureum, Red deadnettle

Lamium purpureum, Red deadnettle


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