A Minor Milestone & Garden Catch-up

First slug damage of 2014! Whooo! Luckily they ignored the tender shoots of the lupin, delphinium and anemones, and instead concentrated the attack on one of the hyacinth flower spires.



The weather people seem to be predicting nice-ness (i.e. not rain) for the next 10 days or so (although if you believe a certain newspaper media outlet then we’ll reach the baking heights of 18C at some point over the weekend) so I suppose it’ll be time to crack open the slug pellets and dust the garden with them. Between those and the ground pepper I put down to stop the cats, my dirt is going to look amazing …

But I am pleased that my Clematis ‘Mayleen’ (yes, I have confirmed with my mother that this was the one I bought) has plentiful flowerbuds on it.

2014-03-04 16.14.38

In other garden news … I received a care package from my mum (courtesy of my dad who is back in the UK for a fleeting visit) which included a clump of snowdrops ‘in the green’ that I have to plant for next year’s flowering. The bulbs are all doing well, although some of the ones I planted may be slightly too shaded as they don’t seem to be coming along too well (either that or I’m just bloody impatient), and the younger of the geums has several flowers on it again (the older one hasn’t yet – and is looking a bit wind-burnt). There are also some lovely little red flowers (?) on the willow catkins.

I’m also thinking about putting together a list of all the plants in my garden – including all the ‘weeds’ and plants in the lawn.

In non-garden news I submitted my first assignment in my first module of my first undergraduate degree. Which took me a while to get in to, but two 500 word essays isn’t all that hard. Even my final module assessment is only based off a 2000 word essay – so not something to get overly worried about quite yet. Undoubtedly my 3rd year French will be something quite different …


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