Migraines Can Kiss My Ass

So today two things were supposed to happen.

1 – My landlady and her partner/boyfriend/whatever were scheduled to examine a wind-damaged section of fence ready for replacing it tomorrow.

2 – I was to meet a friend after work (hers, not mine) and we were to go and have a drink, a catch up and maybe even some food.

You  may already be assuming that neither of those two things actually happened, although for (one assumes) two different reasons.

Landlady plus squeeze didn’t appear. Or if they did, they didn’t make any noise or announce their presence in the back garden in any way. There was certainly no notification by her that they did or did not attend. Would’ve been nice to know. Several months (if not a year) ago we were expecting a builder to visit and look at some loose roof tiles. He was due at 8am. He rang the bell. By the time I had put on a dressing gown and made it to the front door (we do not live in a big house …) he had not only gone, but rung the landlady to complain that there was nobody in. Cue angry phone call from the landlady having a moan. All by about 8:04. At which point I stated – in no uncertain terms – that I was at the house and had not heard the builder knock or attempt to use the (faulty) doorbell. He arrived 15 minutes later. No apology. The point being that she has issues with us not doing as arranged, and I would expect that to cut both ways. Clearly not. I have no idea if I am to expect them at some point tomorrow … Luckily they don’t need entry to the house to access the back garden.

The second one (and the part that I was most looking forward to) didn’t happen due to migraine. Mine, not my friend’s. I was feeling a little under the weather on Thursday, but not enough to not spend 6 hours in a record office with a different friend researching dead people. Consequently waking up at 6:30 in the morning with indescribable pain, nausea and all the other goodness that comes with migraine was not the start of something glowing. After an hour I was able to get back to sleep. Sometimes migraine is a little like being drunk – the room swirls and lurches when you close your eyes. I woke up again sometime after noon and I dragged myself around for a while before having a bath and yet more sleep. Currently I feel somewhat approaching normal. The fact that I can sit and look at a computer screen and type is a big tick in the progress column.

This non-day is doubly irksome as I am currently *lowers voice to avoid telling the weirdos* home alone. The other half is away at his mum’s for a few days. Hence the 6 hour record office jaunt yesterday and the trip out this evening (not that I can’t do either of those things with him here, but its nice to be proactive and have something to wile away the cold, dark, empty hours).

He’s due home tomorrow. When I will tell him that the oven appears to have spontaneously … stopped. Unless it decides to spontaneously … work.

I also want to make some Anzac biscuits, but need some desiccated coconut. I’m hoping the shop up the road has some otherwise I’ll have to walk into town and get some. The things we do for love.


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