The FIHY list

I would like to ask you to share your love. A friend of mine has recently had an epiphany of sorts. Not just that she has finally succumbed to the world of blogging, but a life-altering experience for the better. I’ll let her talk about her ‘FIHY list’ and the reasons behind it. But in the mean time, go and give her some love.

Just Breathe

I learnt something very important this weekend. I was reminded that I’d forgotten to breathe. Just breathe.

Of course I’m breathing. I breathe every second of every day. But I’d forgotten to use it as a way of hitting life’s pause button. I’d forgotten that when I feel overwhelmed, and cortisol is coursing through my veins, that all I need to do is breathe. When I get up on stage, and look at 100 pairs of eyes upon me, that all I have to do is inhale followed by exhale. When I write an entire blog post, and it disappears in front of my eyes (angry shake of fist) – just breathe. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been doing it since the day I was born, but I’ve taken it for granted.

So what made me realise that I needed to learn to breathe again? I attended a workshop…

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