More Evidence Spring Is Not Here, No Sir

Another (!) very pleasant day here in the heart of (north) Wiltshire. Started off frosty (no frost pictures), but remained clear (!) and dry (!!) all day.

On an afternoon perusal of the garden I noticed a few things. Firstly that the neighbourhood cats continue their vendetta against me and have doubled their efforts to turn my garden into the Cat Poop Capital of Europe but apart from that I see signs that things are, as they say, coming along.

As well as the hyacinths and tulip bulbs that are showing more than just a little bit of green (well, when the cats haven’t dug them up), there are iris spears (Iris reticulata ‘Cantab’) a few inches high in places.

The Christmas rose (Hellebrous niger) in next door’s garden was facing the sun (and my garden) so I had to take a picture of it … Not entirely sure which one it is exactly, but its a wonderful rich plum colour. My own Christmas rose (H. niger ‘Christmas Carol’) is looking a little battered at present, but has been flowering freely since planting in the autumn.

2014-02-16 15.19.06

I then noticed a purple smudge underneath the lilac tree when checking the bird feeders. I was a little surprised to see that I had completely noticed the sprouting of the blue Anemone blanda and that there was one happily flowering away, with others nearby a little further behind (this particular one is slightly more sheltered than the others).

2014-02-16 15.17.18

To further add to my “oh buggery – you’re all too early” list, I noticed that one of my clematis is budding up nicely. I say ‘one of’ – I have two and I cannot currently remember which one is which. I’m pretty sure that its Clematis montana ‘Mayleen’. It didn’t flower last year, but then I only planted it in the July.

2014-02-16 15.17.02

The name of the other clematis is currently eluding me … I bought it at the end of summer 2012 when it was reduced in a local garden centre. It flowered despite this, and was happy and healthy last year too. I’m hoping that this year, now its a bit more established, it will put on plenty more growth and flower more vigorously!

2013-07-30 18.26.11



  1. Love Hellebores! Probably my favourite flowers. I’m amazed that any plants are flourishing with the battering they’re probably taking with the winds and the utter drenching constant deluge of rain!


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