Some Anne McCaffrey Artwork

I co-admin a Facebook Page dedicated to the author Anne McCaffrey. November 2013 marked the two year anniversary of her passing, so the other co-admin (a very talented author and absolute whizz with all kinds of graphics) and I decided to run an “Anne Appreciation Week” with each day focusing on a different book/series she had created. Each day had a new matching cover art to go along with it.

I’d like to share those with you now. All copyright to the original images lies with their original creators. All copyright to the subsequent images lies with my co-admin.



  1. Brilliant artwork. I read The Ship who Sang, The Crystal Singer, Restoree and Dragonflight many years ago – they still revisit me sometimes … I love Anne McCaffrey… I think my next mission is to hunt down the rest of her works … many are out of print, so it should be a good challenge 🙂


    1. I’m not sure where you are, Nicola, but both the US and UK library network seems to be pretty good at sourcing the books! 🙂

      And always nice to meet a fellow Anne fan!


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