Mini Garden Post

Just a snippet of a post this morning …

As it was sunny (second morning in a row …) and – more crucially – not raining, I had a wander around the garden to see what was happening, how things were coping with the relative warmth of the winter so far (not to mention the constant wet), and what of anything was coming along nicely.

Well, the primroses are still going strong. I think that they started flowering in October or November of last year and haven’t stopped. I’d like to get some of the ‘tall’ primroses (Auricula & Candelabra types) rather than the short ones (Polyanthus type) I have at the moment, but that’s not a priority!

In the same bed, the hyacinths are just poking through – which is good to see. No sign of the tulips that are also in there as yet – but the black and white tulips in the top planter are breaking through the soil.

The verbena is shooting out of the bottom, so the remaining stems have been trimmed, as have the remaining flower stalks of the sweet rocket (which was also still flowering).

The cowslips are all coming along nicely, too. Hopefully come the Spring sunshine there’ll be a swathe of creamy yellow up that side of the garden, including the Jerusalem sage!

Buds are coming on the flowering currant (Ribes sanguineum) and catmints (Nepeta cataria)

The big surprise were the two large open flowers on the more recently planted geum.


Of course, now my main worry is that there’ll be a major cold snap in February/March and kill off the things that are beginning to sprout!


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