Penultimate task!

Today’s assignment: Think through your idea editorial calendar. Bonus: develop a regular feature for your blog.

Having a regular postings schedule helps the writer and the reader. The writer has a bit of discipline and ensures that there is always content to be written about, and the reader knows when to be looking out for what interests them. Its a win-win.

And that especially helps blogs like mine, I think, that have a few prongs of attack really focus on the timings of those posts.

I aim to post at least once a week – with a genealogical post about my ancestors at least once a month (if not more), and (once the season starts again) regular garden updates at least once a month (if not more). Sharing specific photographs I’ve taken will be a bit more of a spontaneous thing but, again, will be at least once a month. Which leaves me a week for a random post.

All this is a minimum, and I will undoubtedly post more often on certain topics than others, and probably more than once a week.


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