Right. For the last time this week (I shan’t be home until Monday – so expect another ‘catch-up’ post …), here’s the latest Z2H task.

Today’s challenge: Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

A compendium of links and why I love them … Right then … I can do that … And I’m this excited about doing it.


Unsurprisingly, my first link involves dinosaurs. Tsintaosaurus, Unicorn No More first appeared in the National Geographic’s Phenomena blog site in November 2013 and tells of a new hypothesised reconstruction of the nasal bone and rostrum of the ‘unicorn dinosaur’, Tsintaosaurus. I like this story as it reminds us all that not only are their new discoveries to be made regarding these amazing animals but that old established theories should always be re-evaluated when new evidence is forthcoming.

I also have somewhat of a fanboy mancrush on the adorkable Brian … because reasons:

Brian with Allosaurus tattoo (Photo by Tanya Switek)

Brian with Allosaurus tattoo (Photo by Tanya Switek)

Second link, this time food-related: salted caramel brownies, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. The most beautiful brownies you will ever eat – plus salted caramel. Never a bad thing. The lovely Deb Perelman (I have met her via a book signing in 2013 so can verify her loveliness) does some amazing things in her tiny New York kitchen – absolutely a must visit!

what a mess

The third and final link I’m going to share is not a “wow-amazing!” kind of link. More of a “huh” kind of link. Judy’s recent post ‘Does genealogy influence your gardening?‘ got me thinking. As I am a keen gardener and a very keen genealogist, I had thought that I was the only one who wondered about the gardens of my ancestors and what they might have grown. I also have conversations with my mum about plants my gran and great-gran used to grow, and am proud to have a few varieties that I know they would’ve liked.

Jerusalem sage flower

Jerusalem sage flower




  1. I really need to get some brownies in my mouth right now.

    The gardening/genealogy really has me wondering now. I have researched my family tree a bit, but never really thought about the environments my ancestors came from. This has inspired me to do a little research about what might have been in their gardens.


    1. Hurrah! Glad that it made you think about something you haven’t before!

      Always happy to give you some tips or a hand if you get stuck with your family tree research! 🙂


  2. Omg, that dancing pattern… Cannot look away.
    But I’m glad I did, because I am finding a renewed interest in dinosaurs at the moment, coupled with a love of reworked discovering. There’s a link, somewhere, and I will try to remember to fling it your way if I find it.


    1. I know. She’s a bit mad, and eventually she syncs with whatever music you’re playing …

      Renewed interest in dinosaurs is always good! Please do send me the link when you find it! 🙂


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