Zero to Hero: DAY 19: NEW-TO-YOU FORMAT

Its nice to be back in the swing of Z2H after a few days away!

Today’s assignment: publish a post using a format you’ve never used before.

Although I have shared photographs before, they weren’t done using the Photo format – just a ‘standard’ format with a photo lumped into it. I don’t plan on sharing a lot of videos, audio clips or plain quotes or the other formats mentioned (besides, my current Theme doesn’t seem to support them all).

The thing that annoys me about the Photo format is that you can’t automatically add it to a particular Category – you have to go into the Dashboard and edit it afterwards. Neither does it appear to Publicise in the way that Text posts do (at least, its not showing up on either my Facebook timeline nor my Tumblr dashboard). Its all very well banging on about “the breadth of tools available”, but it would be nice if all the tools worked on all the Themes in the same sort of way.

Anyway, this is the photo that I shared – taken a year ago, right here in France, just a short distance down the track from my parents’ house.

I have a bit of a thing about strange-shaped trees. I have a few other photos – one I call Cry of Cthulu tree and one Tree of Souls.


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