Sounds like an essay title for some kind of arts class. But no. ‘Tis today’s Z2H task.

Today’s assignment: open the Customizer and try out some new fonts and colours (and backgrounds and/or headers, if you’re still undecided).

My theme doesn’t allow me to bugger about with the fonts and whatnot, so that’s a bit of a non-starter. I also like all the colours that I have that came with the Theme. I like the calm of the monochrome palette, the simplicity. I’m certainly not going to pay $30 PER YEAR for the Custom Design upgrade. I would like to be able to alter the font without having to arse around with coding though.

Saying that, I’m going to start using the ‘More Tag’ as I have a continually scrolling theme and it might be nice for you, the reader, to not have to scroll through e v e r y t h i n g.  Does that count as “visuals influencing content”?

In other news, I am going to be away from my desk from tomorrow lunchtime-ish until around 26 January as we are going away to my parents on Saturday, but up to the in-laws tomorrow for a big conjoined birthday meal (parents-in-law both have birthdays just before Christmas and husband and brother-in-law both have birthdays at the end of January) on Friday evening before flying out late Saturday morning.

I am taking my laptop with me, but currently not sure if a) I’ll be able to connect to my dad’s wifi (don’t ask), or b) I’ll particularly feel like much of anything other than scoffing and walking and (maybe) photographing. Possibly in that order …

Shall I leave you with another dog pic? This time its Daphne, who is Polly’s daughter.




  1. Polly is a lovely looking lady. I have many hysterical (but not at the time) stories regarding visiting parents and wi-fi. One example I had a friend whose mother felt that by giving her access to her computer to let her figure out the whole wi-fi thing said friend might just steal all her personal information. And that is just the start of the list!


    1. She is quite lovely, although unfortunately her hips are suffering the indignities of age!

      As you may notice by me replying, wi-fi is operational (more to the point, it actually let me connect). Huzzah!

      LOL Yeah, people have some funny ideas about stuff like that. Not helped by the scaremongering that appears all the time in the less-than-responsible press!


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