Zero to Hero: DAY 14: BLOGGER’S CHOICE

The latest Zero to Hero task is – as you may imagine from the title – one of personal choice. Write, comment, explore … Its all good. 

I originally checked out the latest Weekly Writing Challenge and was initially inspired by its gonzo-inspired article idea (as in Hunter S. Thompson, not Jim Henson …). But that passed by the way-side.

I was then going to write about why starlings in my garden annoy me so much (basically because they seem to feed all day long, and therefore gorge themselves and eat everything, whereas other birds seem to feed in ‘shifts’), leading on to the phenomena of feeding garden birds (an industry that is worth an estimated whopping £400 MILLION per year).

Then this morning during a brief exchange of comments with From A Blank Page … I was inspired to write about something else – the impact of NaNoWriMo on the ability to write consistently throughout the year. Then I had lunch (scrambled egg – DOUBLE YOLKER!) and now I think that I’m going to save that one for another time. More than likely some when in October or December (i.e. a month either side of when NaNo runs).

Which now leaves me less than an hour to share an insightful post before the next task is in play.

Alternatively, I can leave you with the earnest yearnings of a dirty spaniel named Polly …

2013-06-20 14.57.29




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