Zero to Hero: DAY 11: GOOD NEIGHBOUR

Well, damn you Zero to Hero team.

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I read today’s post and I did it again. I groaned. I sighed. I grumped. I procrastinated.

I did it.

I learnt things.

I should know better by now.


I also managed to get incredibly annoyed by somebody else’s post. Not about religion. Not gay-bashing. Not anything that could be considered dangerous or reactionary. It was a review of a book. Which book and by which author really isn’t the point, but the blogger stated that the best thing you could do is to not read this particular book and go onto the next in the series. I was appalled. I clicked ‘Comment’ … and then after a couple of minutes decided to close it and search for something else because I wasn’t sure that I could trust myself to not either a) go off on a rant, or b) abide by good ‘netiquette’. Good neighbour? Hmm.

But then I found a haiku and was reminded of when a colleague and I would write (predominantly nonsensical) haiku to each other, which then developed into collaborative renku (alternating verses of 17 and 14 morae [we agreed on equating morae with syllables in these instances]). Upon her last day at the office I presented her with a printed book of our verses, which made her cry (something she was determined not to do).

I shall endeavour to be of open heart in future.




  1. Dom,

    It is great to meet you over the blogosphere. I also did my usual groaning at today’s Zero to Hero challenge and then as usual have ended up loving it. Your flower pictures cheered up my whole day as currently where I live there is snow on the ground and it is freezing. So maybe that wasn’t the most deep comment ever, but there you go wanted you to know you made at least one person smile!


    1. Hi Harvey! Nice to meet you too (and thanks for the shout out on your blog!).

      Flower pictures? Don’t worry, I have plenty! And, yeah, they’re nice to look at in the middle of winter to remind yourself that its not going to be wet and grey and miserable forever, like some kind of semi-thawed Narnia.

      I hope that you enjoy poking about my blog … definitely going to enjoy following yours! 🙂


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