Zero to Hero: DAY 10: WIDGETS

Yesterday I was bored and was fiddling. With my widgets. (Down at the back, thank you.) Ergo today’s task:

Today’s assignment: add and customize two widgets.


So between yesterday and today I added a link to my Instagram account (and also included a nifty Instagram gallery with the visibility set to only show up on posts with the tag ‘photography’), a selection (the last 10) of the blogs I follow, reduced the number of tags in my Tag Cloud (from 75 to 25) and added in a widget that links to the last five posts at my other blog.

At aforementioned alterna-blog, I also fiddled with the widget layout and included the same Display Posts widget to show the last posts from this blog.

At some point I’ll probably add the Flickr widget, and it would be nice if there could be some kind of automatic Soundcloud widget (to show either your likes or recent posts). I’ll also at some point get into customising some widgets.

What are your thoughts about linking to personal accounts, such as Facebook? Do I want you indiscriminately picking over my Facebook profile? I don’t know about that one yet …



  1. I’ve decided against linking to my Facebook, because I’m using a pseud over here, and changed my username on my fannish Twitter account (I have 3) so that I can link it. It’s a ‘cohesive author brand’ or some such bollocks.

    I am now following you on both Instagram and on Twitter. Not with the same name, though, so the cohesiveness has fallen down somewhat.


    1. Three Twitter accounts?! I struggle with the one I have … But thank you for the follows. And your secret is safe with me.

      Cohesive author brand. I like it. One day when I’m a published and horribly successful author (quiet please, I’m listening to the laughter in my head) then I assume that I’ll have to deal with multiple accounts (personal vs professional) and the cohesiveness therein.


      1. It used to be four. Now I just have me, me and a morris team.

        It is one of those things that’s a lot easier to start with and a lot harder to sort out later. I’ve been on Facebook since I was 14, and sanitising that on the off-chance that employers would use it to check up on me wasn’t fun, and I didn’t even have photos of wild parties and drunkenness.


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