This prompt is all about being a part of the blogging community and reaching out to other people, mainly by using the Reader function.

Today’s assignment: follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

I’ve been blogging a while and follow a few blogs already, but I’ve also been exposed to some new ones courtesy of Zero to Hero:

Lauren Kells

Tripping Over Pebbles In The Dark

Portrait Photography

From A Blank Page To Happily Ever After

The Ellieverse

(I should like to point out that those aren’t the only ones that I have started to follow … I just kept it to the first five appearing in my Reader for the sake of brevity!)

My Reader already had posts by a few other blogs that I follow, so I thought I’d share some of these also:

Fudge and Poppy – I always smile when I see posts from Alex at F&P as not only is she a very funny lady, she also crafts the most amazing items. (Yes, okay, holding my hands up – I do know her ‘in real life’ and is a very close friend. Doesn’t mean her blog isn’t worth a mention – and a visit!)

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations – Reviews of old/vintage sci-fi works.

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings – British palaeontologist mainly blogging (when he has time!) about extinct archosaurs  and scientific communication.

Luis V Rey Updates Blog – Palaeoartist. Amazing.

Bureau Direct – A blog from an online stationery shop … I love stationery. I am not apologising.

(I have purposely left out all of the food blogs I follow otherwise this list would be very much a one-trick pony!)

Searching for relevant topics is harder than it appears. And to choose five new topics to follow, if not actual blogs. How do you condense what you’re interested in down to a few words? Do you put in every author you like? Every band or musician? Every hobby? And how do you break down that hobby into search terms?

What if you find most of what you see a bit, well, not what you’re after?

Tricky …

Consequently, this is my new. revised Reader. Is it complete, in that it allows me to search for everything I’m interested in, ever? Nope. I don’t think that it’ll ever be complete in that respect. Is it a broad spectrum representation? Possibly not as broad as it could be, but it is representational.




    1. No problem! I also happen to think that your blog promises to be quite interesting as you continue your blogging journey (if that doesn’t sound incredibly patronising …!)


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