Succulent SOS

I think it might be time to do some work on my Echiveria …

Purchased from IKEA a couple of years ago its never exactly been a stupendous plant, but that’s not really a reason to let something just die. I’m not convinced I water it enough, and I’m damn sure it doesn’t get enough light inside (over the summer I did leave it outside and it seemed to perk up no end) as it seems to be ‘reaching’ or stretching for sun. The leaves also have a habit of going limp and withering.

I also noticed today what looks to be root fibres sprouting from the stem. I don’t think this is a good sign.

Following some research online I think the best option is to cut the crown off, with a stalk, and repot it in some cactus mix …

Poorly Echevaria ...

Poorly Echeveria …

Currently its sitting on a north-facing windowsill (positioned between a basil – seen slightly in the pic above – and a pair of Muscari latifolium – or possibly Muscari macrocarpum), but it has been in a south-facing windowsill and also in a south-facing room but not in direct sunlight. Either way – it never stays happy for long, and I’m pretty sure that the plant is not at fault!

Any tips from any succulent growers would be most gratefully received!


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