Yes, Tulips.

Okay, okay, so I caved …

Yesterday I purchased two packs of tulips from Avonfield Gardens, a garden centre located just on the edge of Bradford on Avon. (Incidentally – a fantastic, independent garden centre only stocking plants from British nurseries run by a couple of guys with over 40 years of garden centre experience between them.)

One a small bag of Alibi …

Tulip Alibi

Tulip Alibi

… and a mixed bag of Queen of the Night/White Dream …

Queen of Night & White Dream

Queen of Night & White Dream

I don’t actually know where I have space to put them, but I realised that I couldn’t not have any tulips. I had just wanted a pack of plain white ones, but the only ones they had were called Madonna – and I don’t particularly like the green feathering, and I’m a bit of a classicist when it comes to tulips and don’t like the parrot types.

Tulip Madonna

Tulip Madonna

I also picked up a peanut feeder and a seed feeder for the birds this winter. We already have a fat ball feeder so now we have the full set of options! (Well, until we manage to actually get a bird table …)

Is my garden otherwise up together and ready for the winter? Not by a long chalk. But the weather is supposed to turn colder over the next week or so, and I expect the remaining cosmos and other annuals to go over rather quickly. My patch of Cosmos ‘Razzmatazz’ is down to the weedy, small flowers now, but other ones I have dotted about are still going strong. They’ll all keep until I have a nice weekend to grub up the annuals, trim back the perennials and dig some goodness in ready for next year!



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